08 Jul

HTML5 Templates and References

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Here we list some essential HTML 5 templates, references and resources which we think you’ll find useful whether you’re a novice web developer starting out or seasoned guru.

HTML Element Reference List

A thorough, alphabetically sorted list of element tags in HTML (new and old versions  from HTML2.0 to HTML5.1, and XHTML) which shows each element’s HTML version validity along with links to the element’s specifications on w3c.

Visit: http://w3c.github.io/elements-of-html/ Read article

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03 Jul

Google Web Starter Kit


Google have recently released their Web Starter Kit – very useful website boilerkit templates for web developers, which are optimized for speed and efficiency, as well as using responsive design for multi-devices. The templates aim to provide the highest possible Pagespeed Insights score, an important factor in SEO, out of the box.
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