19 Jul

WordPress 4.0 Features

WordPress is the most used CMS and blogging platform in the world, and a new major version – WordPress 4.0 – is not far away.

Scheduled for release on August 27, 2014 – the WP development team are working hard on the new features, with beta versions already available for beta testers and developers.

WordPress 4.0 Beta 2 Download

The latest WP4.0 Beta 2 can be downloaded for previewing and testing from this news post over at wordpress.org.

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18 Jul

Coding your own WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes can be used within your page or post content which invokes a specific function  which inserts content at the position of where you inserted the shortcode. Uses for shortcodes are endless, from inserting media content and galleries, to social media like and share buttons, showing lists of recent or related posts, and so on.

Many WordPress themes and plugins will add new shortcodes for you to use, but at times you may wish to add your own custom shortcodes which aren’t already available. Fortunately, WordPress makes developing your own an easy task for anyone who is familiar with WordPress and has basic PHP skills.

Here I’ll show you the basics of how to develop your own custom WordPress shortcode. We might as well make it do something practical, so we will create a shortcode that inserts a Google+ +1 button. These neat little +1 buttons allow your site’s visitors recommend your site in Google search, and share via the Google+ social media platform.
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08 Jul

HTML5 Templates and References

HTML5 logo

Here we list some essential HTML 5 templates, references and resources which we think you’ll find useful whether you’re a novice web developer starting out or seasoned guru.

HTML Element Reference List

A thorough, alphabetically sorted list of element tags in HTML (new and old versions  from HTML2.0 to HTML5.1, and XHTML) which shows each element’s HTML version validity along with links to the element’s specifications on w3c.

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05 Jul

WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is currently the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world, driving over 22% of all websites, and claiming 60% of all CMS driven websites. With this in mind, hackers will target WP as a single weakness or vulnerability found in one of it’s many plugins, themes or even the WP core itself, will make many websites out there exploitable.

Here we will go through a number of ways to help make your WordPress website more secure.

Wordpress Security is not something any WP site owner should overlook.
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