08 Jul

HTML5 Templates and References

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Here we list some essential HTML 5 templates, references and resources which we think you’ll find useful whether you’re a novice web developer starting out or seasoned guru.

HTML Element Reference List

A thorough, alphabetically sorted list of element tags in HTML (new and old versions  from HTML2.0 to HTML5.1, and XHTML) which shows each element’s HTML version validity along with links to the element’s specifications on w3c.

Visit: http://w3c.github.io/elements-of-html/ 

Mozilla Developer Network

The MDN has some great reference guides and reference information for HTML 5 web developers:

HTML5 Element List
HTML5 Developer Guide

HTML5Rocks logoHTML5 Rocks

An invaluable resource for web developers looking to put HTML5 to use, with numerous articles, tutorials and news. Also has information about developing for mobile devices and performance. A Google project.

Visit: http://www.html5rocks.com

HTML5 Boilerplate logoHTML5 Boilerplate

Highly popular boilerkit template to kickstart your new app or website project.

Visit:  http://html5boilerplate.com
GitHub:  https://github.com/h5bp/html5-boilerplate

HTML5 Reset logoHTML5 Reset

This website shell follows good practises and is a great starting point to get your new website project off on the right foot.

There is also a WordPress Template available now, for WP theme developers.

Visit: http://html5reset.org
Github: https://github.com/murtaugh/HTML5-Reset

Initializr logoInitializr

Customizable HTML5 boilerkit template generator to help get your new project started.

The generator tool gives you template options such as Classic HTML5 Boilerkit, Responsive Template, and Bootstrap.

Visit:  http://www.initializr.com

HTML5 Up logoHTML5 Up

Excellent collection of high quality, free HTML 5 / CSS3 website templates which use responsive design.

These templates are free to use under the CC Attribution 3.0 License.

Visit: http://html5up.net 

Be sure to bookmark CodePeach.com as we will be regularly posting articles containing tips and tutorials, templates, tools and resources related to HTML5, as well as showcasing demos which push the limits of what can be done within the browser.


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