20 Jul

Colour Schemes and Colour Palette Tools

By: laffy4k

Colour choice is a critical part of any visual design.

Too many times we’ve seen creatively designed website layouts only for it to be ruined by badly chosen cringe-worthy colour combinations.

Below we’ve listed what we believe are essential tools and resources for choosing and dealing with colour palette schemes for webdesign.


Browse colour palettes at COLOURlovers

An excellent community site in which users contribute schemes and palettes. You can browse by age, popularity, and see which palettes are trending.

Visit: www.colourlovers.com


Browse colour palettes at ColorCombos

Another large site with many palettes to check out. They also have tools available to see how chosen colour combinations look on the screen.

Visit:  www.colorcombos.com


Adobe Kuler

Adobe’s Kuler is a popular and powerful colour scheme generator and sharing resource. It also integrates well with Creative Suite.

Visit: www.kuler.com


ColRD palettes
Another quality palette resource, browse or generate your own from an image upload.

Visit: www.colrd.com


I had no idea so many words could be made from RGB Hexcodes. Check out some cool colour hexcodes that are made from words, along with the definition.

Visit: hexu.al

Color Hunter

Cool online tool which allows you to upload an image from your computer and it generates a palette based on that image.

Visit: www.colorhunter.com

Design Seeds

Another great site with palettes which are generated from photos.

Visit: design-seeds.com


Excellent online tool for generating palettes, with a colour wheel and many features to help create that perfect scheme.

Visit: paletton.com


This site has an excellent browser extension for Chrome and Firefox for picking colours from pages, managing palettes and more. There is also a brilliant CSS3 colour gradient generator online tool on this site also.

Visit: colorzilla.com

We hope you find these colour palette resources useful, and if you feel we’ve missed one worth mentioning then please let us know in the comments below!