09 Aug

Free Fonts List for 2014 – Part 1

By: hom26

We’re always on the lookout for quality free fonts to use, and will regularly post lists of new free fonts we’ve found around the net to save you from wasting many hours trawling for a good one!

So here’s our first free fonts list for 2014.. enjoy!

Some font licenses for the below listings may vary for commercial use, so please check the license on the font’s page before using in a commercial project.
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20 Jul

Colour Schemes and Colour Palette Tools

By: laffy4k

Colour choice is a critical part of any visual design.

Too many times we’ve seen creatively designed website layouts only for it to be ruined by badly chosen cringe-worthy colour combinations.

Below we’ve listed what we believe are essential tools and resources for choosing and dealing with colour palette schemes for webdesign.
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